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Solar Vision/2009/40 Pages/Brand New/Softcover!!!

Available at last! The greatest book on AUTOSUGGESTION ever written.!!

"Autosuggestion" is perhaps one of the EASIEST methods of controlling your mind, your thoughts, and the things you think about!!

This book teaches you Autosuggestion quickly and easily, from the very basic to the most advanced methods. This could very well be the most important book you ever read.


* Introduction
* History of Autosuggestion
* Theory of Autosuggestion
* Autosuggestion, Level 1
* Autosuggestion, Level 2
* Autosuggestion, Level 3
* Conquering the World with Autosuggestion
* Where and when to practice Autosuggestion
* Appendix: Useable examples of Autosuggestions

If you want to take control of your thoughts, your mind, and your destiny, then you definitely NEED this amazing book. Stop having crummy thoughts all day, and learn to think like a "super being" and have thousands of positive thoughts - per day!!

MAXIMUM AUTOSUGGESTION is only $9.95. Order now, and for a limited time, get FREE "RUSH" SHIPPING (US only)! You can't go wrong with that.

TO ORDER W/ PAYPAL: Send $9.95 to - or, send me an email with the word "ORDER" and tell me the item(s) you would like to order and I will send you an invoice. Or you can request the address to send a check or money order. Once payment is received I will RUSH your order out to you!

Thanks for looking!

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