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REVISED EDITION -2CND MORE RECIPES ADDED!! This new edition features several bonus recipes as well as a exclusive*virtual* fortune cookie (2009 softcover, 56 pages)

- The author of this book was lucky enough to to obtain the actual recipes from the Chinese restaurant that her family used to go to in the 1970's. The family that ran the restaurant (long since retired) still lives on the same block, and sent her old menus and most of the recipes they used. The surviving recipes have all been scaled down for family kitchens. Included in the book is the actual menu as well as page numbers where the prices should be so you can prepare these exact same dishes in your own kitchen

Solar-Vision publishing is PROUD to present this unique cookbook. The author has taken the actual menu of a POPULAR 1970's CHINESE RESTAURANT & "TAKE OUT" from Detroit, MI. The owners of this popular restaurant have long since retired, and have given the author copies of the old menu AND THE ACTUAL RECIPES USED TO MAKE ALL THE DISHES! The author has replicated the ENTIRE MENU - with recipes scaled down and replicated for HOME USE!! This food tastes EXACTLY like the dishes served at this popular and successful Chinese restaurant - the food on your table will be JUST AS IT WAS HAD YOU WALKED THROUGH IT'S DOORS IN THE EARLY 1970's!!. Using the recipes, and through interviews with the previous owners, the author has successfully created this VERY UNIQUE Chinese cookbook. Book includes the ACTUAL MENU from "days gone by" - as well as page numbers (instead of prices!!) directing you to the page of the dish.

**Recipes include** Egg foo young sauce, Egg foo young, Shrimp foo young, crab foo young, Egg roll skins, egg rolls, spring rolls, wonton wrappers, wonton soup, deep fried wontons, stuffed mushrooms, Barbecued spareribs, Sui Mai pork dumplings, Perfict boiled rice, fried rice, Chicken fried rice, Spicy tofu, Exotic chicken salad, Beef with Broccoli, Stir fried orange beef, Mongolian beef w/ vegetables, Braised chicken w/ soy sauce, Savory chicken, Stir fried chicken w/ almonds, Roast pork, Braised pork, Sweet & sour pork, SEVEN SPICE SHRIMP, STEAMED FISH, Szechwan fried green beans, Vegetables in sweet and sour sauce, Sit fried Asparagus tips, Crab Lo Mein, Beef Lo Mein, Chicken Lo Mein, Almond Cookies, Sweet Lemon & Ice tea, Almond tea. (click the "BACK" button on your browser to return to previous page)