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Our EXCLUSIVE book titles are are some of the most sought after and famous the entire world over!! We may not be the biggest publisher in the world, but we certainly are looking to be the BEST, and we VERY MUCH WANT YOUR BUSINESS!!! We have a small staff literally working around the clock 7 days a week to make sure every single customer is taken care of QUICKLY and professionally, so please give us a chance to make you a BELIEVER!! Refunds and/or exchanges are of course always cheerfully given with ABSOLUTELY NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


You can buy books directly from us and take advantage of our famous SPECIALS, or you can visit our storefront on AMAZON.COM (scroll down a little for a DIRECT LINK to our storefront page)! Ordering direct from US, THE PUBLISHER, is EASY! To order using PAYPAL, simply email HYPNOSISBOOKS@AOL.COM and tell us which books you would like to order, and we will promptly send you a Paypal INVOICE! Once the invoice is paid, your books are shipped the same day!

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BELOW IS A "QUICK LIST" (with a brief description) of ALL of the titles we currently have available. For DETAILED INFORMATION on any of the books listed on this page, please click and follow the appropriate links at the bottom of the page. COOKBOOKS are listed first, METAPHYSICAL, SELF HELP and others are a little lower on the list. Prices are subject to change, and the current "special" could end at ANY TIME, so don't delay!!!


THE CHINESE RESTAURANT COOKBOOK by Amber I ! For this one, the author was able to replicate a popular Chinese take out place from the 1970s by actually obtaining the recipes from the retired family who ran the place 30 years ago!! The entire menu and how to make it!! 40 pages!

THE SAN FRANCISCO CHINATOWN COOKBOOK - long time Chinatown chef Jerry Wong teaches you how to make the very best Chinese cuisine of 1980’s San Francisco! The next best thing to being there! Strange and wonderful cookbook! 40 pages!

MA WONG'S FRIED RICE COOKBOOK by “Ma” Carmen Wong! Make RESTAURANT-PERFECT fried rice with this one-of-a-kind cookbook !!! Everything from Japanese, Chinese, Thai & More!!!! Jam packed with every type of fried rice recipe you could think of !! Fried rice dishes, and ONLY fried rice! 40 pages!

POLISH GIRL COOKBOOK by Eve Gerweck! True, honest to goodness old neighborhood recipes from the east coast. Originally intended as a private family cookbook to document secrets dating back to the 30s, this charming cookbook is a MUST. 44 pages packed with recipes!

POLISH RESTAURANT COOKBOOK by Jonathan Becklar! This unique cookbook shows you how to make downtown Polish dishes that look, taste and smell JUST LIKE THE RESTAURANT! 44 pages.

THE OLD NEIGHBORHOOD POLISH COOKBOOK- By Elna Lavine. East coast Polish cooking … THE WAY IT ONCE WAS! This cookbook is based upon the good cooking of the Eastern United States � namely, Hamtramck and surrounding areas of Detroit. 44 jam packed pages!

RETRO RESTAURANT BURGERS, SAUCES, SHAKES & FRIES By Jonathon Becklar – This amazing cookbook contains “SECRET RECIPES” from long-gone burger chains and fast food restaurants from “days gone by”. The restaurants may be only a memory now, but you can still make the food that looks, smells & tastes LIKE IT ONCE WAS. “Secret” burger sauces, fry sauces, shakes etc. 40 pages!

THE FAST FOOD FAKE BOOK By Jonathon Becklar and Lea Gierucki! Chock full of recipes for “FAST FOOD” that looks, smells, and tastes JUST LIKE THE RESTAURANT! All the “secret” recipes you could want are included, guaranteed authentic by our “recipe snoops”!

THE INDIAN RESTAURANT COOKBOOK by Naheed H, M. Rafai, Troy Edwards and Amber I. Here the authors have chosen thier favorite Indian restaurant specializing in the Gourmet dishes of India and have shown you how to make it ALL in this one book! 44 pages full of spices and simmering flavors waiting to fill your kitchen!

THE MIDDLE EASTERN RESTAURANT COOKBOOK By Naheed H. & Amber I. Easily learn all your favorites like hummus,baba Ganooj,Stuffed grape leaves, and baklava, along with rare finds! Naheed Make every dish on the menu – JUST LIKE THE RESTAURANT! – 40 pages!

THE MEDITERRANEAN-GREEK RESTAURANT COOKBOOK By Amber I! – Learn to make ALL of the dishes of a well known Mediterranean-Green bistro with recipes that look, smell and taste JUST LIKE THE RESTAURANT! – 40 pages!

THE DETROIT MICHIGAN “GREEK TOWN” COOKBOOK By Jonathon Becklar! Have the smells and tastes of Detroit’s famous Monroe Street right in your own kitchen and own a little piece of Detroit with all the classic Greek cooking! 40 pages!

THE ULTIMATE HUMMUS COOKBOOK By Jonathon Becklar & Naheed H. – You’ll never buy “store bought” HUMMUS again!! Make it at home MUCH BETTER for pennies on the dollar! Includes OVER 100 DELICIOUS EASY TO MAKE HUMMUS RECIPES!!! 40 pages.

JEWISH GIRL COOKBOOK By Doris Rosenburg! This Kosher cookbook is packed with traditional Jewish recipes passed down from generations and distilled into this treasure trove of recipes. PERFECT Bar mitzvah gift or essential addition to any cooking library!! 40 jam packed pages!

THE JEWISH RESTAURANT COOKBOOK by Amber I! The author has painstakingly replicated the menu of an old New York Jewish deli and restaurant famous since the 50s, creating a cookbook that duplicates the dishes right in your own home! The entire menu and how to make it all! 36 pages!

THE GERMAN RESTAURANT COOKBOOK By Amber I! Replicates the dishes of an authentic German restaurant. Full menu and how to make it all JUST LIKE THE REAL THING! 44 pages!

LOST RECIPES OF THE 50s and 60s BREAD COOKBOOK by Amber I - Here is an amazing collection of ALMOST 100 yeast breads you can create from scratch right from home! Never before published recipes transferred from Solar Vision�s extensive vault of vintage recipes from crumbling old recipe cards, notes and clippings! 44 jam-packed pages!!

LOST RECIPES OF THE 50s and 60s CAKE COOKBOOK By Amber I - Due to popular demand, we have compiled over a WHOPPING 83 cake recipes along with some icings, compiled from long lost recipe cards, notes and clippings !! – 44 pages!

LOST RECIPES OF THE 50s and 60s Salad Dressings & Dips COOKBOOK By Amber I! OVER 120 TRULY VINTAGE RECIPES for all different kinds of dressings and dips. That can be used for parties, church functions, family gatherings, just as they no doubt were ALL THOSE DECADES AGO!! 44 jam packed pages to have you’ll be the talk of the party all summers long!

THE NEW JERSEY ITALIAN DELI RESTAURANT COOKBOOK by Amber I - This amazing cookbook will allow you to make recipes right in your own home that taste exactly like a very old, renowned east coast restaurant. The entire menu, and how to make it! 40 JAM PACKED pages!!!

ITALIAN GIRL COOKBOOK ITALIAN GIRL COOKBOOK by Rosalee Campanello - Author grew up in an Italian home full of expert Italian cooks, and has assembled a cookbook with these actual recipes. Some of which date back almost 100 years to Italy! Easy “classic” Italian recipes, 40 pages!

NEW YORK, CHICAGO & BEYOND PIZZA COOKBOOK! This cookbook is “jam packed” with “RESTAURANT GRADE” pizza SAUCES, pizza DOUGHS, even FLAVORED CRUSTS! 48 pages!

THE SOUL FOOD RESTAURANT COOKBOOK by Delbert “Del” Washington!The author of this amazing cookbook ran a soul food restaurant in the late 70s. His entire menu is replicated here in its brilliant simplicity. Soul food the way it ought to be, straight from LAs king of soul food himself! Dels entire menu & how to make it all … just like it USED to be! 40 pages!

GOOD TIMES, FOOD and FOLKS: THE DEFINITIVE SOUL FOOD COOKBOOK By Dudlin Cox! A very thorough SOUL FOOD COOKBOOK that has the best of soul food, as well as the classics, variations, and some specialties Whether you like desserts, grilling, baking, entrees, or appetizers, Dudlin Cox covers it all.....BIG TIME!! 48 JAM PACKED pages!

AUNT ELLA'S SOUTHERN BREAKFAST COOKBOOK Compiled By Solar-Vision Staff with help from Ellas great grandaughter Carmen. If you like Southern cooking, this is the COOKBOOK for you. It highlights the best of the southern breakfast dishes --THE WAY IT ONCE WAS! 40 jam-packed pages!

2 COOKBOOKS IN 1 - You get our original "SECRET RECIPES FROM THE OLD SOUTH" in it's entirety, as well as "CORNBREAD RECIPES FROM THE OLD SOUTH". 48 jam-packed pages total. Home-town SOUTHERN COOKIN’ at it’s FINEST! (This title counts as one cookbook!)

THE AMAZING BARBECUE SAUCE COOKBOOK by A. E. Edwards! THIS is the cookbook that will put you “on the map” as a MASTER GRILLER! You’ll be the talk of the town with these amazing HOME MADE FROM SCRATCH BBQ recipes! 52 JAM-PACKED pages !!!

THE GREAT BARBECUE SAUCES, MOPS & DIPS OF NORTH & SOUTH CAROLINA Cookbook By Jonathon Becklar! – This specialty cookbook concentrates on the DISTINCT barbecue sauces of regional North and South Carolina in all it’s complexities! 40 JAM PACKED pages!

THE OLD TIME SOUR MILK CAKE COOKBOOK! By Eve Gerweck & our Solar-Vision staff! (C) 2010 Here is a collection of old, lost, UNPUBLISHED recipes from the 1950's and 1960's. Includes 17 ways to make your own SAFE sour milk, scores of sour milk recipes PLUS how to convert ANY baking recipe into a sour milk recipe!!! Become an expert in sour milk cake cookery with this ONE OF A KIND COOKBOOK. 40 pages!

THE GREAT TEXAS SEAPORT COOKBOOK, Recipes from the Gulf Coast Communities" By Jefferson Lafayette Montgomery!! AUTHENTIC, DISTINCTIVE Texas dishes from the heritage-rich communities of the Texas Seaport Gulf coast. The most unique Texas cookbook, 40 pages!

THE ULTIMATE SOURDOUGH COOKBOOK By George Milan! – This book starts out with “Sourdough Starter HEAVEN” – over 50 WAYS to make a sourdough starter! From there, you are given a library of UNIQUE sourdough recipes as well as a chapter on how to convert ANY bread recipe into a SOURDOUGH recipe! You will be a PRO in no time at all! 44 JAM PACKED pages!!!!

MIXES, FIXES AND STARTS: THE ART OF DRY MIX COOKERY by Ellen Mayford - This cookbook is JAM--PACKED with great recipes for INSTANT DRY MIXES that you won't find ANYWHERE ELSE! Spice mixes! Bread mixes! Sauce Mixes! AND MUCH MUCH MORE 48 pgs!!!!

A BETTER BRUNCH COOKBOOK and MENU SYSTEM by Ellen Mayford!! This cookbook takes all of the mystery out of Brunch, defines it, and presents you with recipes you actually WANT to make, and not just a collection of bizzare dishes you've never even heard of! The unique meny sytem will show you how to literally create thousands of mixed menus! 44 JAM PACKED pages!!

"LATINA GIRL" MEXICAN COOKBOOK By Christina Velasquez -This cookbook represents recipes from all over the United states, from Taylor Michigan down through Austin, Texas and all the way down to Sinaloa, Mexico! A very eclectic mix of recipes. 40 pages!

2 COOKBOOKS IN 1 -HOMEMADE TORTILLAS FROM SCRATCH COOKBOOK andthe original "Mexican Restaurant Cookbook"! 56 JAM PACKED PAGES TOTAL!!!!!!!!!! - you will be recieving ONE cookbook with BOTH of these in it's entirety. (this title counts as one cookbook!!)

THE ULTIMATE SALSA COOKBOOK By James Osbourne Enriquez The TITLE OF THE BOOK SAYS IT ALL! It is the ultimate salsa cookbook because in just 44 pages it is JAM PACKED WITH 120 homemade salsa recipes that anybody can make & master! FREE GIFT INCLUDED W/ THIS BOOK!

THE ULTIMATE GUACAMOLE COOKBOOK By James Osbourne Enriquez -This books shows you how to make OVER 240 RESTAURANT QUALITY Guacamoles' right in your own home! This cookbook comes with a SPECIAL FREE GIFT !!!!!!!!!!!

HORCHATA HEAVEN: MEXICAN SOFT DRINKS FROM SCRATCH - HOW TO MAKE OVER 80 HORCHATAS! Never buy restaurant horchatas again! With this cookbook you will master horchatas and learn to make over 80 variations! ESSENTIAL for any Mexican cookbook library! 40 PAGES!

THE SUMMER NIGHT FONDUE COOKBOOK By Carolyn Addams! 44 pages! BRAND NEW, SOFTCOVER! This cookbook specifically covers dessert and cheese fondues and this is a perfect gift for the fondue veteran or the fondue beginner! Make fondue JUST like the 1970’s!!

THE ULTIMATE MEATLOAF COOKBOOK This cookbook modernizes meatloaf and makes it interesting again! These dishes are easy to create and gives every family a chance to get ahead this year with this budget friendly cookbook! – 40 JAM-PACKED PAGES !!!!

THE SWISS BAKERY COOKBOOK by Eve Gerweck - If you liked Eve’s Polish Girl Cookbook you will love making Swiss cookies, pastries, and cakes in this cookbook! Bring Switzerland to your home and kitchen for delectable treats! 40 pages!

EASY CUPCAKES *FROM SCRATCH* COOKBOOK by Eve Gerweck! You will learn how to make dozens of gourmet cupcakes and frostings – ALL FROM SCRATCH!!! 40 pages!

"HOMEMAKER'S SECRET" COOKIE RECIPE HANDBOOK by Donna Becklar. A CAVALCADE of “vintage” recipes including old favorites, all of grandma’s “secrets”, and timeless classics to wow’em! A cavalcade of recipes! 44 pages.

THE MAGIC BAKLAVA COOKBOOK by Naheed Morros! This cookbook is truly unique, giving you over 12,276 UNIQUE BAKLAVA VARIATIONS by combining the numerous Baklava Syrups, Fillings and Phyllo assembly methods. There has NEVER been another cookbook like this! 40 pages!

ISLAND GIRL COOKBOOK BY Amapele Mahuiki! This cook has ALL the best of Hawaiian Cusine, nothing is missed so don't miss this cookbook! brand new, 40 pages!

POTATO SALAD AND COLESLAW COOKBOOK! By Amber I. Copyright 2011, 44 pages, Softcover. Brand New! This cookbook fills and satisfies all your potato salad and coleslaw needs! Or your money book!!

THE COUNTRY ROADSIDE PIE STAND COOKBOOK by J. Becklar (C) 2012 Solar Vision Publishing - A whopping 52 pages JAM PACKED with recipes to make you a master pie chef in no time at all!! A treasury of OVER 100 UNIQUE PIE CRUSTS and OVER 60 PIE FILLINGS - You've never seen a pie cookbook quite like this one!! Recipes you'll never find anywhere else!

THE COMPLETE BOOK OF MEXICAN SAUCES! The Authoritative guide to Mexican sauces of all kinds-All in the pages of one book for the very first time!



THE MICHIGAN PASTIES The ALL PASTY Cookbook "Scores of secret recipes for crusts & fillings! By Jonathan Becklar. BRAND NEW, Softcover, 48 Pages, Copyright 2013


HOW TO MEMORIZE 78 TAROT CARDS IN 1 EVENING!! This is THE book that teaches you how to actually MEMORIZE all 78 cards in as little as one evening so that you can CONFIDENTLY do Tarot readings professionally, or for family and friends. FULL TAROT COURSE condensed down to one very easy to use book, covers spreads, going into the business professionally, etc. This is it! 48 pages!

TAROT CARD SPELL CASTING BOOK by Franklin H. Zboyan! This book is designed for tarot readers who want to cast spells using the tarot! DECK NOT INCULDED! Spells of all types! Easy to use.! Step-by-step spells! Lots of pictures! You can’t go wrong! 40 pages

HOW TO GAIN & DEVELOP PSYCHIC POWERS This book will show you how gain and use your psychic powers that have always awaited! – 40 pages

INSTANT PSYCHIC POWER by R. Neuman. Gain psychic powers the EASY WAY with this one of a kind book! Learn the closely guarded “secrets” of the professional psychics! Lots and lots of techniques to go from “zero” to “PRO” in NO TIME! This is the best book on becoming psychic. 48 jam packed pages!

SPIRIT OF SWAMI Fortune Telling & Divination oracle. This spooky book is based upon the question book, of an old occult lodge from the 40s. It works simply kike this; ask a yes orno question, roll the dice, and LOOK UP YOUR ANSWER! Requires two six sided dice (not included)

HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE DEAD by Franklin H. Zboyan! This book teaches you how to communicate with those that have passed and have passed on to the other side! LOTS of different methods of communication. A “hands on” book NOT for the faint of heart!~ 48 pages!

TIME TRAVEL MAGIC: HOW TO SLOW DOWN, SPEED UP, REVERSE OR MANIPULATE TIME ITSELF - This amazing book is different from any other book on time travel you might have seen. USEABLE information cover to cover with experiments. 44 pages!

MYSTERIES OF THE PARALLEL UNIVERSES REVEALED By Osgood Stradt! There are VERY different “parallel” universes in which you also exist. Learn how to “contact” these universes – perhaps a timeline where you are rich and powerful, and “fuse” it with the current timeline! 44 pages.

THE ULTIMATE BOOK OF INVISIBILITY AND VANISHING SECRETS By Osgood Stradt! Includes LOTS of different methods to make yourself completely invisible, USEABLE information from COVER TO COVER!! Like no other book out there, guaranteed! 44 pages.

SECRETS OF GOOD LUCK REVEALED! By Franklin H. Zboyan Learn how tp attract good luck in your life & repel the bad! EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about GOOD LUCK, including how to create your own, and even how to turn “back luck” into good luck!48 pages!

THE MAGIC POWER OF VOODOO - Learn to EASILY cast spells for just about anything! Love, Money, Revenge, IT'S ALL HERE! The only book on VOODOO you'll ever need! 44 pages.

HOW TO WARD OFF THE EVIL EYE, HEXES AND CURSES - Do you or have you ever felt someone has CURSED you or cast the "EVIL EYE" upon you? If so, then you need this book, there's not another one like it. NEVER LIVE IN FEAR AGAIN!! 36 pages!

TURN THEIR SKIES BLACK: HOW TO CURSE YOUR ENEMIES By Franklin H. Zboyan! Get your enemies OFF YOUR BACK once and for all!! Do you have people “picking” on you and thinking there’s nothing you can do about it? They are DEAD WRONG! You can put a CURSE on them. This book tells you EVERYTHING you need to know to “turn their skies black”! 44 pages!

THE NEW VRIL: HARNESSING THE LEGENDARY GODLIKE POWER by Franklin H. Zboyan – Learn about the long lost concept of the mysterious life force called “vril”. The Germans knew about it. The secret societies knew about it. This book blows the lid off the subject and gives you direct access to this mysterious “godlike power”. 44 pages.

REMOTE VIEWING SELF TAUGHT "Learn remote viewing the fast & easy way! BY F.D.Lingstrom. BRAND NEW/Softcover/44 pages/Copyright Solar-Vision 2011

HOW TO PLANT FALSE MEMORIES IN YOUR OWN MIND by T. L. Crim (C) 2012 Solar-Vision Publishing, 44 pages.This book takes the hidden, secret, and even denied "mind control" secrets one step further and puts the technology in the hands of the individual.


EASY SELF HYPNOSIS FOR BIG RESULTS R.E.Neuman,Brand new,Softcover,Copyright Solar-Vision 2012,26 Pages. this is the revolutionary guide to Self Hypnosis that is breaking all the rules! Discover the awesome power of Hypnosis as a way to happiness, love, money or anything else you might>
INTENSIVE SELF HYPNOTHERAPY by R. E. Neuman! the follow up to Hypnotize yourself to accomplish anything, this book introduces a radical new method of relaxation that allows you to hypnotize yourself deeper than you ever thought possible. Another breakthrough is the authors script & subscript format, allowing for PROFESSIONAL RESULTS!! 40 pages.

1000 WAYS TO HYPNOTIZE YOURSELF by R. E. Neuman! This book is for the “advanced” practitioner of self-hypnosis. Gives many compatible, interchangeable methods that can be used together for 1000 unique self-hypnosis sessions – no 2 sessions the same! 40 pages!

MAXIMUM AUTOSUGGESTION by R. E. Neuman - The average person has, if they are lucky, around 12 truly positive thoughts per day. This book teaches you how to take control of your thoughts and your focus and have literally THOUSANDS of positive thoughts every day - automatically! A truly miraculous breakthrough in mind power and thought control!! 40 pages!

HOW TO SLEEP LESS AND LIVE MORE: THE MONOPHASIC, BIPHASIC AND POLYPHASIC SLEEP BIBLE! By R. Neuman This book showcases alternate sleep patterns so you can get more done, do more living, and live fuller and richer life! Be a “slave to sleep” NO MORE! 40 pages!

A TREASURY OF MEDITATION MANTRAS book by R. Jcubiac – This amazing, “one of a kind” book contains Hundreds of Mantras! Pronunciation guide! Techniques & more! BY Rosemary Jcubiac! Light blue colored pages to help calm you and making it easy to read. A work of art! 40 pages!

THE MAGIC POWER OF MEDITATION "The only meditation book you'll ever need" Written by Rosemary P. Jcubiac! Everything you ever wanted to know about meditation. Lots and lots of applications! VERY EASY TO USE BOOK!! 48 pages!

MAGICK SPELLS FOR LOVE, LUST & ROMANCE By Franklin H. Zboyan. A spellbook for both MEN AND WOMEN.Copyright 2012 Solar-Vision Publishing. BRAND NEW, 48 Pages, Softcover!


MAXIMUM LAW OF ATTRACTION by R. E. Neuman !! Expect miracles to happen when you read this book. The Law of Attraction is simply that you become what you think about. This book takes the Law of Attraction to levels never before imagined, employing specific tools. Functions as an intro to as well as an advanced primer for continuing education of SECRET information.. 44 pages!

THE POSITIVE THINKING MIRACLE HANDBOOK By R. E. Neuman!!This is the self-help book that gets at the very heart of all problems, all worries, all negative thoughts, and the way in which you create reality itself. Book teaches you how to take full control of your thoughts and your mind, thereby altering your very life experience, and actually taking control of how you experience life. EASY to use and apply QUICKLY! 44 pages!

HOW TO BECOME A SUPER BEING THROUGH POWER COMMAND THINKING by R.E. Neuman! Take control of your mind’s hidden powers with this book, which introduces the radical new concept of “thought bending” to shape your very reality. 40 pages.


HOW TO SKYROCKET YOUR TIPS (a HANDBOOK for all Food Servers) This amazing book reveals proven techniques that any waiter or waitress can use to DRAMATICALLY increase their tip income. Includes special chapter on *hypnotic speech patterns* to subliminally make customers WANT TO tip you huge!! 44 pages!

THE COMPLETE, “READY TO GO” MAIL ORDER CASH FLOW “START UP” SYSTEM by R.E. Neuman – like a “business in a book”! Learn how to place TINY, INEXPENSIVE ads selling information – and KEEP all the profits! INCLUDES: ADS TO RUN WITH YOUR NAME ON THEM plus 28 REPORTS YOU CAN REPRINT AND RESELL and much, much more! 40 pages!

THE THRIFT STORE MILLIONAIRE (EBAY CASH FLOW SYSTEM) by Roman U. Green !! This is THE book that tells you STEP BY STEP how to start your own Ebay business IMMEDIATELY (like tomorrow!) by finding products to sell at thrift stores and other places for BIG $$$$$$. EASY “cookie cutter” system that anyone can duplicate!!! Never worry about money again! 44 pages.

THE MAGIC OF FREE ADVERTISING by R. Neuman!! Solar-Vision Publishing Copyright 2009 28 Pages BRAND NEW Softcover!!! This book has over 40 proven methods of FREE advertising described in detail!! Even if you used only 1 or 2 of these methods, this book would easily pay for itself many times over!!!Methods that will work for nearly ANY type of business be it mail order, online, website or a brick and mortar store! 28 pages.

COUPON CUTTING TIPS, TRICKS & STRATEGIES OF THE PRO'S by Adolph Otto Neuman This amazing book covers a broad spectrum of coupon techniques, tips and tricks that you can use together or separately. There are NO coupons in this book, just great strategies on how to use them to save BIG MONEY off your grocery bills!! 28 pages!

FUTURE MILLIONAIRES MLM “THROUGH THE MAIL AND FACE-TO-FACE” How to choose and work an MLM program, plus a “bonus chapter” 50 TIPS AND TRICKS TO SKYROCKET YOUR MLM INCOME! – 28 pages!

HOW TO PUBLISH YOUR OWN NEWSLETTER (For Fun & Profit) This RARE BOOK shows you easily how you can make money off publishing newsletters! – 28 pages

HOW TO PUBLISH YOUR OWN ADSHEET (For fun & Profit) - Get into the advertising business THE EASY WAY! This book shows you how to use publish adsheets for fun or profit as so many others have done! Get paid for ads, run your own for FREE! – 28 pages!

HOW TO PUBLISH AND SELL INFORMATION BY MAIL This book shows the ins and outs of mail order! A must have for someone wanting to learn about it or better the skills they have already with mail order! And selling information is the cheapest and quickest way to start! – 28 pages!

START YOUR OWN APARTMENT CLEANING Or JANITORIAL SERVICE - This book shows how anyone can make a lot of money by cleaning houses or apartments! Step by step guide, 28 pages!

FAMOUS LAS VEGAS GAMBLING SYSTEMS - This book shows you how to go to Las Vegas and bring extra cash home with proven gambling systems known by the lucky few! Covers BLACKJACK, CRAPS, ROULETTE, BINGO, VIDEO POKER and SLOTS!! – 36 pages!

HOW TO START YOUR OWN HANDYMAN OR HAULING SERVICE - This book shows you EXACTLY how to start your own handyman or hauling service, and keep the profits! 28 pages.

HOW TO START YOUR OWN WINDOW WASHING OR CARPET CLEANING BUSINESS - This book shows you EXACTLY how to start your own window washing or carpet cleaning business, and keep the profits! 28 information packed pages!

HOW TO BREAK INTO MOVIES + TELEVISION WITH LITTLE OR NO EXPERIENCE!! This is the book that will teach you to jump right in and gain experience as you go. 40 JAM PACKED PAGES!

HOW TO COPY SUCESSFUL PEOPLE - DO WHAT THEY DO, AND HAVE WHAT THEY HAVE by R. Neuman - This book shows you how to “copy” successful individuals, so that you will get similar results as them and ultimately HAVE WHAT THEY HAVE! Also, copy “Fortune 500” companies on a shoestring! 36 pages!

HOW TO START YOUR OWN PET SITTING BUSINESS! And make a fortune doing what you love. This book tells you everything you need to know to get started QUICKLY! – 40 pages.

HOW TO ESCAPE A SEXLESS, LOVELESS MARRIAGE The book your wife does not want you to read! Learn why a sexless, loveless marriage is neither normal nor acceptable, AND WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT if you’re stuck in one! A scathing “no holds barred” manifesto! 40 pages!

HOW TO LIVE A LAVISH LIFESTYLE AS A PROFESSIONAL PSYCHIC! Solar-Vision publishing 2012, 48 pages, softcover/brand new!

THE COMPLETE "READY TO GO" MAIL ORDER CASH FLOW SYSTEM!Turn Key, INCLUDES ADS TO RUN WITH YOUR NAME!This unique book is like having a complete "TURN KEY" business, ready to go!

THE SCERET OF THE ROSARY Book BY St. Louis De Montfort! 130 Pages/BRAND NEW/included how to say the rosary pamphlet. Everything you always wondered about the rosary, it teaches you to improve prayer in your life.

FINDING GOD without RELIGION or going to church "A spiritual guide for the "rest of us" by Reverend Rog!! Solar-Vision, copyright 2012, 40 Pages, brand new, softcover!This book breaks the walls and barriers down for good. We have been led to believe that in our society that one can only have a relationship with God throough church and/man made organized religion.
br> KARATE KILL SHOTS BLACK BELT COURSE "This book is designed to make your body a lethal weapon" Written by C.D. Reising!Copyright Solar-Vision Publishing 2012, BRAND NEW, Softcover, 40 Pages!!We live in some tough times nowadays, take control, learn these techniques! Hopefully you never have to use them, but if you're ever attacked, you should be prepared!
br> HOW TO BE MORE DANGEROUS THAN THE BAD GUY "Tactics for becoming far more dangerous to robbers, attackers and home invaders than they are-even without a gun"! Copyright 2012, Solar-Vision, BRAND NEW, Softcover, 40 Pages!

MAGICK SPELLS FOR MONEY, WEALTH & AFFLUENCE by Franklin H. Zboyan (C) 2012 Solar-Vision Publishing. 48 pages. This book is a TRUE work of art. By it's very nature, THE BOOK ITSELF IS DESIGNED TO BE A POWERFUL MONEY-DRAWING CHARM/TALISMAN in and of itself from the magickal inscriptions on the front, back and inside covers to the color of the pages and other careful, researched designs, Occult expert Zboyan designed every single aspect of this amazing book, insuring the publisher spared no expense to make it perfect! OVER 140 SPELLS

THE MAGIC POWER OF THE BIBLE! BY Anna Cordova! (C) 2012 Solar-Vision Publishing. 44 Pages. This book revals the locked secrets of the true powers of the bible. This book would be of interest to avid bible reader/churchgoer, or the non religious! Results!

DIVINATION MAGICK book! By Franklin H. Zboyan (C) 2013 Solar-Vision Publishing. 48 Pages. Psychic ability and divination by way of the supernatural!

PLEASE CHECK THIS PAGE OFTEN! Solar-Vision Publishing is the fastest growing publishing company in America, and we are adding fascinating, one-of-a-kind new titles all the time!

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