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THE INDIAN RESTAURANT COOKBOOK by Naheed H, M. Rafai, Troy Edwards and Amber I. - 2009 softcover book, 44 pages! - The long awaited, and long requested Indian restaurant cookbook IS HERE!!!!!! And it's a good one! The authors have chosen thier favorite Indian restaurant specializing in the Gourmet dishes of India and have shown you how to make it ALL in this one book! NOT your average Indian cookbook, that's for sure!!! Very targeted, and very specific RECIPES INCLUDE:

MENU APPETIZERS, SALADS AND BREADS Indian Cheese Hors D'Oeuvre Basic Samosa Pastry Vegetable Samosa Meat Samosa Pakora Papadum (lentil wafers) Indian Cheese Wafers Indian Salad Papad & Salad NAN Indian Bread Indian Fried Rice Plain Basmati Rice Tomato/cucumber salad

MEAT & FISH ENTREES Tandoori Chicken Banno Kebab Chicken Tikka Palak Chicken Curry Chicken Sashi Korma Chicken Jalfrazie Chicken Tikka Massala Beef Curry Beef Palak Beef Korma Beef Jalfrazie Beef Massala Boti Kebob Sheek Kebob Lamb Palak Lamb Vindalo Lamb Curry Lamb Rara Tandoori Shrimps Shrimp Curry Shrimp Massala Shrimp Palak

GOURMET VEGETARIAN DISHES Aloo Chat Vegetable Curry Navratan Korma Malai Kofta Shahi Paneer Chana Massala Mattar Paneer Paneer Palak Paratha Aloo Gobi Stuffed Baingan

BONUS: INDIAN SPICE BLENDS Garlic-Ginger paste Chat Masala mixture Tandoori Masala spice mixture Basic Indian Spice Mix Garam Masala spice mix