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Maximum Law Of Attraction Book By R.E. Neuman

(2009, Solar-Vision publishing) - This new 52 page softcover book not only covers the fundamentals of "The Law of Attraction" backwards and foreward, this book is different because it also gives you very specific techniques to keep your intention focused.

Brand New/Softcover!

Table of contents:


1. The Law of Attraction defined

2. History of the Law of Attraction

3. How to use the Law of Attraction

4. The Law of Attraction is constantly at work

5. How to attract good things

6 How to stop attracting bad things

PART TWO: POWERFUL TOOLS Covers: Self Hypnosis, Autosuggestion, Writing checks, Being grateful, Rituals, VIsual collage, Visual reminders, Thoughts before sleep, Affirmations, Thoughts upon awakening, Meditation, Modeling, Taking massive action, Thinking big, etc

This book is a perfect introduction to the Law of Attraction that you can begin using immediately - nothing "hidden" here. It is also an ESSENTIAL book to add to your library because it explores new boundries and expands your powers.