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Secret Recipes of the Old South Cookbook

HERE IS A RARE AND UNIQUE Southern Cookbook, "Secret recipes of the Old South Cookbook" Written By Maddie L. Daniels

There is NO OTHER cookbook like it, and its old-fashioned, down home SOUTHERN COOKING AT ITS BEST!!!

Solar-Vision Publishing-2009/56 Pages/Softcover/BRAND NEW!!

Lean to cook:

CAJUN popcorn, Spiced cider, tea, mint julep, southern cornbread, beaten biscuits, BUTTERMILK corn muffins, cheese biscuits, cracklin' bread, 4 0 'clock tea scones, corn sticks, christening cake, angel food cake, bourbon pecan pie, red velvet cake, peanut brittle, caramels, creole prailenes, chocolate fudge, eggs, new orlean's style, poached eggs, hot & spicy chili sauce with avacado, omelet with hot chilic sauce and cheese, apple fritters with custard, blueberry griddle cakes, fluffy flapjacks, broiled grapefruite ambrosia, fried apple rings, asparugus amandine, black-eyed peas vinaigrette, corn pudding, creamed green peas, curried pilaf, eggplant stuffed with shrimp and mushrooms, fried green tomatoes, hominy & cheese casserole, fried grits, grits au gratin, brown sugar frosting, brown sugar cocoa icing, almond cream filling, corned beef hash casserole, creole beef poatoe stew, brunswick stew, jambalayah, smithfield ham,grilled lamb chops, pepper steak, apple stuffed pork chops, cornbread stuffing, welsh rarebit, sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, coconut pie, candied yams, twice-baked poatoes, oven roasted turkey with dressing, chicken pot pie, southern-fried chicken, old-fashioned bread pudding, pecan pudding, cottage pear salad, herbed green garden salad, cranberry relish, oyster dressing, sweet & sour celery seed dressing, bread and apple dressing, french dressing, baked clams, deviled crabs, lobster-stuffed beef tenderloin, creole bean soup, and seafood gumbo!!!!

This cookbook will have you cooking for your family and loved ones for YEARS TO COME!!! As a *ADDED BONUS* and your free gift, you will receive the PERFECT recipe for HUSH PUPPIES!!