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HOT TO SKYROCKET YOUR TIPS (for all food servers!) By R.E. Neuman

Softcover/BRAND NEW/Solar-Vision Publishing/2008/44 pages!!!

BRAND NEW book for all food servers!

Waiters and Waitresses of America, if you would like to *SKYROCKET* your tips - making significantly more money every single day - then you NEED THIS BOOK!

Written by a former food server and exhaustively researched, this book is jam-packed full of useful, PROVEN information, tips and tricks that are designed to do one thing: put LOTS of extra $$$$$ into your pocket each and every day.

Interviews were done with DOZENS of waiters and waitresses (Current Food servers as well as Food servers who worked all the way back in the 60's share their closely guarded secrets!) as well as customers to compile the information contained in this book. All of this information was distilled into one easy-to-read book. Just ONE of the recommendations in this book might be enough for you to be able to "give yourself a raise". But the pages of this book are JAM-PACKED with TIP-INCREASING "secrets".

Covers: Tactics, "Secrets" in the area of Friendliness, Personalization, Do's and Don'ts, How to develop RAPPORT with your customers, How to deal with children, How to avoid a disaster, What to do when "asked out" (decline and STILL receive a great tip!)

And last but not least, there is a special "bonus" chapter on how to use "Hypnotic Language Patterns" to literally "hypnotize" the patrons into giving you a much LARGER tip! Information that you simply will not find anywhere else.

"HOW TO SKYROCKET YOUR TIPS" is available for a limited time while supplies last for only $5.95 (includes free RUSH shipping!). To order using PAYPAL, send $5.95 to, or email me for an invoice or how to order using check or money order.

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